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Club Five Six

We are excited to offer our 5th and 6th grade students their own ministry. We understand that, spiritually, 5th and 6th graders are ready for something a little deeper than Children's Ministry, but not quite ready for some of the tough truths of youth ministry. In Club Five Six, students will continue to learn through Bible Study, friendship, leadership and fun. 


We meet at 10:10 in Room 124

On Sundays, we use fun and creative methods to dive deeper into bible stories. We encourage kids to ask the hard questions and to connect with the more human side of our favorite bible characters. 


Our fervent prayer is that kids start to see a new relevance to the bible in their everyday lives.   

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We meet from 6-7:30pm in Room 124

On Wednesdays, we focus more on fellowship and connection. We want to build a group that allows students to feel absolutely safe being exactly who they are.

Our games and activities are focused on creating that safe space with trusted spiritual friends.

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