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St. John the Apostle UMC is the Tarrant County Satellite for Kids Against Hunger, and we've packed over 1,000,000 meals!

Kids Against Hunger is a non-profit organization dedicated to feeding hungry children around the world and in our local community. We pack meals, that are a rice and soy-based product with a vegetarian powder packed with over 25 different vitamins, minerals and nutrients, that starving children need to become healthy. We host packing events here at SJA a few times each year, and we travel to other churches, schools and businesses for them pack the meals. The meals are then distributed to non-governmental agencies in other countries and to those in need in the United States. The cost for a packing event is 25 cents per meal packed. If you have any questions, you can email or call the Satellite Director, Steve Read, at (817) 876-7663.

Email for info on scheduling a meal packing event for your organization.

See for info on this incredible organization.

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