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SJA Missions

Our Mission Statement

To be true believers in Grace, who put discipleship into action

and dare to grow into the likeness of Christ through service to those in need.

Kids against hunger

Kids Against Hunger is a non-profit organization dedicated to feeding hungry children around the world and in our local community.


local missions

Local Missions provide resources and help to those in our own back yard.

regional missions

Regional Missions reach a broader community within the United States.


global missions

Global Missions seek to support and lift up communities around the worrld.


Join Our Team

The Mission Team invites you to participate in any of the current mission projects/commitments,

or to contact the team about your own mission ideas!


We meet first Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm in Room 127.

For more information, contact


St. John the Apostle's Missions program is recognized as a Five Star Mission Program by the Central Texas Conference.

To achieve this recognition, the following requirements were fulfilled:

  • Give 100% of assigned apportionments

  • Have an ongoing program of mission education

  • Serve the local community through outreach

  • Contribute to a conference, national, international, or UMCOR Advance Special

  • Make a financial contribution of $2,500 to a United Methodist missionary

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